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MSc Food Science & Technology

I Semester
Basic and Food Microbiology
Food Chemistry
Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Applications
Basic Principles of Engineering
III Semester
Food Storage and Infestation Control
Industrial Microbiology & Biochemical Engineering
Technology of Cereals, Legumes and oil seeds
Packaging Technology
IV Semester
Food Plant and Quality Management
Technology of Meat, Fish and poultry products.
Elective- Technology of Milk and Milk Products
Elective - Sugar and Confectionery Technology
Elective - Technology of Milk and Milk Products Practical
Elective - Sugar and Confectionery Technology Practical

MSc Zoology

I Semester
Biochemistry and Cytogenetics
Biophysics and Biostatistics
Ecology and Ethology
II Semester
Molecular Biology
Systematics and Evolution
III Semester
Developmental Biology and Endocrinology
Entomology 1: Morphology and Taxonomy
Environmental Biology 1: Man, Environment &Natural Resources
Fishery Science 1: Taxonomy, Biology,Physiology & Ecology
Human Genetics 1: Clinical Genetics
Wildlife Biology 1: Biodiversity & Biota
IV Semester
Biotechnology and Microbiology
Entomology II: Anatomy and Physiology
Environmental Biology II: Environmental pollution
Fishery Science II: Capture & Culture Fisheries
Human Genetics II: Diagnostic Genetics
Wildlife Biology II: Wildlife Conservation
Entomology III: Agricultural ,Medical & Forensic Entomology
Environmental Biology III:Environmental Conservation
Fishery Science III: Harvesting,Post-harvesting Technology & Marketing
Human Genetics III: Cancer Genetics & Genetic Services
Wild Life Biology III : Wildlife Management